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The use of secure electronic signatures in Europe should help the development of online business and services in Europe. The European Commission standards initiative aims at answering immediate market needs by:

- Securing online transactions and services in Europe in many sectors: e-business, e-administration, e-banking, online games, e-services, online contract...

- Contributing to a single digital market

- Creating the conditions for achieving the interoperability of e-signature at a European level

Rationalised framework stamp

Download the "rationalised framework" (july 2012 version)

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Drafts for review

The Wednesday 08 January 2014

Open for public review:

  • Rationalised framework draft (by 2014-01-15)
  • Signature Creation and validation draft (by 2014-01-15)
  • Trust Service Providers Supporting Electronic Signatures drafts (by 2014-01-31)
  • ...

Open calls for experts

The Wednesday 08 January 2014

Open call for editorship for projects prEN 419111 Protection profiles for signature creation and verification application, 419203 Conformity assessment of secure devices and trustworthy systems